Friday, May 21, 2010

My first post broke my blog for the first time~

Assalammualaikum w.b.t...

hi resident bloggers....
since i'ts my first blog and my 1st post ever..
i will not talk much..

Amad is my nick name..
well of course if i write my full name it will be quite long.. So, stays by Amad..

Whether people know or not, i'm a descent of ' JAWA ' that are born in a city and like to make something stupidity mind of me and of course, like and like to eat ' DURIAN '..
terover la pulak~ hahaha

Well, that's what i call a ' first post ' story..
my first post ever until now..
before that..
want to know something?
dh last2 bru bgtau, surprise org ckp
this is not the first blog i had..
the late one has been deleted because of some sort of individual and technical problems..
and i promise to make u comfortable and relaxing while reading my new blog...
my blog will be updated time-to.
no need to worry..
well, i'll see u all again next time..


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